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I empower people to reach their financial goals by helping them understand how to work with their money and make it work for them, while giving them the freedom to make choices based on what they want and who they truly are.

Identify Limiting Beliefs

Understand what’s really underneath your struggle to manage your money.

Establish New Habits

Build a strong foundation for your money and your mind.

Master Consistency and Discipline

Obtain active support in consistently implementing restorative habits.

Amplify Your Lifestyle

Experience elite benefits of successful money mangement.

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Working with Déja has made a huge difference in my life. It’s made me work toward being more honest and transparent with myself and others. She is really getting to the root of my spending habits versus giving a quick fix but for someone like me, that’s actually frustrating. But, when I take a step back, it’s exactly what I need.

Client identity sealed for privacy and legal compliance.

What stood out most about working with Déja is her openness and desire to empower me to make my own choices based on what I want to spend my money on. Other people may have told me that I shouldn’t spend my money on certain things but Déja made it work into my money plan. Her biggest strength is her ability and desire to help others reach success!

Client identity sealed for privacy and legal compliance.

Déja was a joy to learn from during a workshop she facilitated for my organization on personal finance pitfalls that hold people back from achieving their goals. She combined engaging storytelling, prompts to keep attendees engaged, and action items so that everyone left with something to work on. It is a breath of fresh air when a presenter doesn't just talk at the group (which is especially difficult when you are doing this virtually). I will absolutely be inviting her back for additional programs and look forward to working with her in other capacities.

– Shannon Siriano Greenwood, Rebelle

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

You struggle with overspending but you’re not sure why. You’re making the money to live sufficiently yet you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Or, maybe you can’t seem to keep enough money to achieve your most desired goals. You need to discover the source of your spending. This workbook will give you pillars to identifying the beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire.

Establish New Habits

You understand your spending is rooted in your beliefs but you can’t figure out what to do next. This 6-week enrichment experience will provide you the exact and specific steps on how to build a strong foundation for your money and your mind.


Master Consistency and Discipline

You’ve built a strong foundation for your money but struggling to execute consistently. This 12-month accountability program will provide you with private personalized coaching that will help you identify your specific patterns. You will gather a deep understanding of your limiting beliefs and build sustainable habits with the support of your very own prosperity partner.


Amplify Your Lifestyle

Your limiting beliefs don’t affect the way you spend your money and you’ve been achieving your goals. However, your credit score isn’t quite moving the way you want it to. And, outside of buying a home or car or credit cards, credit hasn’t done much else for you. This 6-month hybrid coaching experience will help move you forward in your journey to build wealth.

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