My Story

Growing up, I heard that I was boisterous, bossy, too enthusiastic, and self-centered; and I believed it. I thought that I was just. too. much. It wasn’t until college when I had an epiphany that I had been missing out on knowing, nurturing, and loving who I was because I was stuck in the past loving the watered-down person who I believed I was. Also, I realized that I was attaching all of my worth to my accomplishments. I thought that making my own money at 12 years old and saving enough money to purchase my own car at 16 years old, defined me; and, as long as I continued to achieve that I was worthy of love.
 In 2016, I founded a nonprofit, Girls Like Me, Inc., to help teen girls increase their self-esteem and self-efficacy. This cause is so important to me because just like me, many teen girls are in a period of their lives where people are telling them who they should be rather than empowering them to be who they desire to be and failing to communicate that they’re worthy outside of academic success. I wanted to give girls the opportunity to create their own stories and know their worth.
One day I bet my dad to a friendly competition to see who’s credit score could increase by the highest amount of points. After this competition, I decided that I should share my gift of knowledge around money, credit, and self-esteem. So that’s what I did. As a Monetary Beliefs Consultant, I help people reframe their belief systems around money to teach them how to reach their financial goals and empower them to get what they want. People have clear goals that they’re looking to achieve but need help managing their money to make it happen and honestly, they’re tired of going through the cycles of debt and missing their goals.
 Every day I get to help people like shed shame and struggle, step into their own power, and shift their inner stories. My desire to serve is rooted in the idea that no one deserves to live a life believing that their worth is attached to their income, career, or what they can do for others. Since overcoming my own limiting beliefs, I’ve been able to do what I love and love what I do. And, I’d love to help you love what you do, too.