Step 1


The initial 15-min call where clients share their problems and goals. You will leave this call knowing if we’re a good fit to work together along with next steps.

Investment: $87

Step 2


On this 30-min call, you will recieve a detailed list of next steps. You will leave this call understanding what you need to do next to achieve your goal.

Investment: $257

Step 3


On this 90-min call, you will recieve a step-by-step plan for achieving your goal(s). We will discuss each step and you will leave this session with clear instructions on how to execute the plan. To be eligible for this session, you must have completed a Consultation Call.

Investment: $667

Step 4


During these 30-min calls, we will review your progress according to the plan you recieved in your Strategy Session. Consistently partcipating in these calls will promote consisteny progress toward your goals. Youo will leave each of these calls with clarity and next steps.

Investment: $167 per session

*A minimum of 4 sessions required

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